Tight Foreskin
So what is wrong with circumcision ?

Well nothing really, its just not every man’s idea of fun.

Some of us are quite attached to our foreskins and would rather they remained attached to us.

I am not making fun of such a sensitive issue and if it’s painfully tight you may just wish it wasn’t there, but just stop to consider the alternative.

Stretching your tight foreskin, if this can be done, will save you having to have an operation and allow you the chance to learn to love your skin.
Short Frenulum

The Penis frenulum is the skin that attaches the head of the penis (the glans) to the penis.  This is sometimes known, although not in medical circles, as the penis banjo string. 

Often the problem of a short frenulum can be aggravated by a tight foreskin

On uncircumcised men, the frenulum only becomes noticed when the penis becomes erect or the foreskin is pulled back for cleaning.  If the frenulum is 

short this can cause problems when the penis is erect. The penis frenulam can become very sensitive, inflamed, sore and split making sex very painful.

There is a surgical solution and this works in most cases.

A small cut is made to the frenulum which is then stitched.  Healing takes a few weeks but is not as uncomfortable as you may imagine. Once the wound has healed which can take up to six weeks, you will be in a position to pull back on the foreskin fully and without pain and resume an active sex life. 

It is advisable to ensure that your foreskin is not tight prior to the frenulum operation.  Post operation, the head of the penis will pass fully through the foreskin.  If the foreskin is very tight you may tear it as there will be nothing to stop it from pulling back; the best way to avoid this is by stretching the foreskin with daily exercise.

Be sure to consult a specialist surgeon to discuss your options.